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Tender Publish has a national covarge of Accredited with more then 8 years of experince in same field.we are proposal unattended experience to Authority to Contractor with our noticeable Online tenders helping service.we are covering more then 1lac compnany and 1500 local news paper tenders and projects from all over india with different department . Our list of support service includes:

Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 12 - Mar - 2019 -
Location : ORISSA
Ref.No : 9724762
Tender No : 3279
Authority Name : Orissa Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 25 - Feb - 2019 -
Ref.No : 9724761
Tender No : 351561
Authority Name : Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 18 - Mar - 2019 -
Location : JHARKHAND
Ref.No : 9724760
Tender No : 2019_IIMR_411498_1
Authority Name : Indian Institute Of Management
Application form for empanelment of vendor for it products & services - hardware - ups, desktop, laptop / tablets, printers, servers, storage, projector & related, consumables (lamp, etc.), voice call logger, batteries & accessories, backup media, accessories, peripherals &, consumables for it, hardware items, any component(s) for, server, desktop and laptop, (memory, cpu, ethernet, card, etc.), scanners(flatbed, adf,, book scanners and others), with necessary, consumables and parts, software - os licenses / subscription, application software (corel,, microsoft, adobe, ibm, notes, microfocus,, antivirus, dlp, endpoint, security, etc.), database licenses, backup software licenses, enterprise content, management, replication software, rto/rpo monitoring tools,, system monitoring tools, networking - router, switches, firewall, passive components, (cables, patch cords, jack, panels, etc.), wireless equipment, it services - amc for ups, amc for servers, storage,, tape libraries and, accessories, amc for desktops and, laptops, amc for printers, scanners, amc for voice call logger, amc for projectors, amc for networking, equipment (routers,, switches, anti-spam, equipment, etc.), amc for firewall &, intrusion prevention, systems (proventia,, checkpoint, etc.), amc for training setup &, auditorium equipment, amc for epabx, amc for video, conferencing setup, iso audit services, isms advisory & infosec, audit services, cmmi,, prism certification audits, and consultation services, ciso services, application, va-pt and, system audit services, network audit services, domain registration, services, ats for mq series software, ats for firewall, ips and, iron port software, ats for websense software, ats for starteam, ats for os, storage, backup, and database licenses, software development, services, resource, contracting, secure socket layer (ssl), certificate, obtaining/renewal services, onsite & on-call it support, / skill services, it equipment packing,, loading, transporting,, unpacking, etc. services, rented printer services, tally software and, implementation services, rpa, blockchain, artificial intelligence
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 25 - Mar - 2019 -
Ref.No : 9724759
Tender No :
Authority Name : Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 22 - Feb - 2019 -
Location : PUNJAB
Ref.No : 9724758
Tender No :
Authority Name : Punjab State Container And Warehousing Corporation Limited
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 28 - Feb - 2019 -
Ref.No : 9724757
Tender No : CSMC/Tender/2019-20 /2(B)
Authority Name : Chhattisgarh State Marketing Corporation Limited
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 28 - Feb - 2019 -
Location : WEST BENGAL
Ref.No : 9724756
Tender No :
Authority Name : Department Of Health And Family Welfare
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 18 - Mar - 2019 -
Location : JHARKHAND
Ref.No : 9724755
Tender No : 2019/06
Authority Name : Indian Institute Of Management
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 25 - Feb - 2019 -
Ref.No : 9724754
Tender No : 2019_SCIL_411533_1
Authority Name : Shipping Corporation Of India Limited
Tender Value : (above) Rs. 38.96 Lakh
Closing Date : 28 - Feb - 2019 -
Ref.No : 9724753
Tender No :
Authority Name : Chhattisgarh State Marketing Corporation Limited
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 21 - Feb - 2019 -
Location : WEST BENGAL
Ref.No : 9724752
Tender No : 58/2/AE/KCSD-II/KCD-VIII/2018-19/74
Authority Name : Central Public Works Department
Tender Value : (above) Rs. 7.98 Lakh
Closing Date : 27 - Feb - 2019 -
Ref.No : 9724751
Tender No : 2019_MR_92201_1
Authority Name : Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 28 - Feb - 2019 -
Location : TAMIL NADU
Ref.No : 9724750
Tender No : 22/2016
Authority Name : Commissioner Of Customs
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 25 - Feb - 2019 -
Location : MANIPUR
Ref.No : 9724749
Tender No :
Authority Name : Planning Department
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 04 - Mar - 2019 -
Ref.No : 9724748
Tender No :
Authority Name : Smart Kalyan – Dombivli Development Corporation Limited
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 25 - Mar - 2019 -
Ref.No : 9724747
Tender No : 2019_DOA_419440_1
Authority Name : Department Of Agriculture
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 21 - Feb - 2019 -
Location : GUJARAT
Ref.No : 9724746
Tender No : 1067/2018-19
Authority Name : Bhavnagar Area Development Authority
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 21 - Feb - 2019 -
Location : BIHAR
Ref.No : 9724745
Tender No : 168/2018/2018-19
Authority Name : Bihar Rural Roads Development Agency
Tender Value : (above) Rs. 17.80 Lakh
Closing Date : 22 - Feb - 2019 -
Location : DIV AND DAMAN
Ref.No : 9724744
Tender No : 56/ 2018 – 2019
Authority Name : Union Territory Administration of Daman and Diu
Tender Value : (above) Rs. 1.12 Crore
Closing Date : 22 - Feb - 2019 -
Ref.No : 9724743
Tender No : 2019_PWDRB_15537_1
Authority Name : Public Works Department
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UltraTech Cement Limited
Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Limited
Voltamp Transformers Limited
Piramal Life Sciences Limited
Parsvnath Developers Limited
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Monnet Ispat and Energy Limited
Andhra Loyola College Alumni Association
Monnet Ispat and Energy Limited
Andhra Loyola College Alumni Association
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Maharaja Appliances Limited
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Wimplast Limited
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Encore Hotels Private Limited
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