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Provision Of Work Services For Induction Of Transportable Sre At Af Stn Purnea Under Ge Af Purnea. .("Schedule 'A' Part-I (Building Work) Construction Of Iron Equipment Room, Rcc Framed Structure Complete All As Specified And As Shown On Drawings. " Total Amount Of Sch 'A' Part-I(A)(Construction Of Shed) Prepriced Amount B/F From Sl Page No. Total Amount Of Sch 'A' Part-Ii (Internal Electrification) Prepriced Amount B/F From Sl Page No. 25 Total Amount Of Sch 'A' Part-Iii (Road Work) Prepriced Amount B/F From Sl Page No. 26 Total Amount Of Sch 'A' Part-Iv(External Electrification Works) Prepriced Amount B/F From Sl Page No. 29 Total Amount Of Sch 'A' Part-V (Site Clearance) Prepriced Amount B/F From Sl Page No. 30 Sch 'A' Part-Vi (Miscellaneous Items) Note:- This Schedule Is Not Pre-Priced By Mes And The Pre-Priced Rate Indicated As "Rs 0.00" Under Col.6 Signifies This Fact Only. Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Transformer, Step-Down, 11/0.433 Kva Complete, Outdoor/Indoor,Double Copper Wound, Capacity 160 Kva, With Off Load Tappings On Ht Side To Vary Secondry Voltage Within Limit, All As Per Is: 2026 Complete All As Specified And As Directed. "Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Servo Power Isolation Transformer, 100 Kva Capacity, Suitable For Operation On 3 Phase Ac 440 Volts 50 Hz Electric Supply Complete All As Specified And As Directed. " S And F Voltage Stabilizer For Automatic Operation, Three Phase Naturally Oil Cooled, Indoor Type And Designed For Input Variation Between 300 V To 480 V With Output Voltage Stabilized At 415 With Accuracy ± 2.5% And Speed Of Correction 8 Volts Per Second And Of Capacity 100 Kva Complete All As Specified And Directed. Mandl L.T. Metal Clad Switchgear Panel Of Rating 630 Amps, 440 Volts 3 Phase, 4 Wire 50 Cycles, Cubicle Or Truck Type, Complete With Air Circuit Breaker, Over-Load Protection, No-Volt Release With Necessary Cts, Meter And Cable Boxes All As Specified And Directed . "Mandl Chemical Earthing Complete With Copper Earth Plate Electrode 90 Cm X 60Cm X3.15Mm Thick Buried Directly In Ground Vertically At A Depth Not Less Than 4.50 M Below Normal Ground Level With Top Level Of Earth Plate At Depth Not Less Than 3.75M Below Normal Ground Level Surrounded From All Sides By 15Cm Thick And Packed Layer Of Charcoal Dust And Common Salt Filling In Alternate Layers Up To 90 Cm From The Top Edge Of The Plate And 30 Cm Thick Layer Of Magnesium Sulphate Above Layer And Electrode Connection By Using Copper Strip 32Mm X 6Mm By Means Of Bolts, Nuts, Check Nuts And Washers Of Galvanised Iron And Protected By Gi Pipe Light Grade 50Mm Bore Connected To Main Switch Board Or Main Control Board And Gi Pipe Light Grade 20Mm Bore For Watering And Including Funnel, Wire Mesh, 80 Mm Thick Pre-Cast Rcc 1:2:4, Type B-1 Cover Reinforced With Hard Drawn Steel Wire Fabric Weighing Not Less Than 4 Kg/Sq. M In Lieu Of Ci Cover, Pcc1:3:6 Type C-2 Pit/Chamber Including All Necessary Excavation And Earth Work, Disposal Of Surplus Soil To A Distance Not Exceeding 50M All As Specified And As Shown In Electrical Plate No. 5 Of Mes Schedule Part-I.(Notes:- 1. Pit Cover Shall Be Pre-Cast Rcc 1:2:4, Type B-1, 80 Mm Thick Reinforced With Hard Drawn Steel Wire Fabric Weighing Not Less Than 4 Kg/Sq. M In Lieu Of Ci Cover).2. The Unit Rate Shall Deemed To Include For Test Point, 32Mm X 6Mm Copper Strip From Top Of The Earth Plate Upto 5M Above Ground Level. In Case Gi Protection Pipe For Protection Of Earthing Lead Required Is Less Than 5M, No Price Adjustment Shall Be Made.3. Pcc Pit Shall Be Provided At Least 500 Mm Away From The Earth Pit And Not Just On The Earth Pit And Extra Cost Of Additional Length Of Water Pipes And Fittings, Junctions, Elbow Etc Shall Be Deemed To Be Included In The Unit Rate.)4. If On Testing After Completion The Desired Resistance Is Not Obtained The Earthing Shall Be Re-Done At No Extra Cost)." "Supply, Installation, Commissioning And Testing Lt Feeder Pillar Box (Cpri Tested), Indoor, Floor Mounted, Cubical Type, Factory Made Out Of Crca Sheet 2.15 Mm Thick With Angle Iron Frame Made Out Of 50Mm X 50Mm X 6Mm, Size 1450 Mm X 1200 Mm X 800 Mm, Dust And Vermin Proof With Insulated Aluminium Bus-Bar Of Capacity 630Amps For 3 Phase, 4 Wire System Mounted On Insulators With Internal Wiring With Suitable Size Of Aluminium Stripto Be Used For Incoming And Outgoing Connection For All, With Openable Double Shutter And Locking Arrangement, Spray Painted With Two Coats Of Synthetic Enamel Paint Of Approved Shade Or Tint Over A Coat Of Red-Oxide Primer Internally And Externally Complete; Mounted On Pcc Platform Of Suitable Size As Directed By The Engineer-In-Charge Complete And Comprising Of The Following (Notes: 1. Feeder Pillar Box To Be Provided With Cable Entry And Exit From The Bottom With Cable Glands, Gaskets Etc. ; 2. Switches, Mccbs, Bus Bars Shall Be Insulated With Colour Codes Sleeves/Tapes Anmd To Be Connected With Aluminium Lugs ; 3. Cost Of Pcc Platform Shall Be Deemed To Be Included In The Quoted Unit Rate For The Item.) :-(A) Incoming :-(A) Mccb, 4 Pole, 400 Amp, 415 Volts, Ac, 50 Hz, 35 Ka Having Thermal Setting Adjustable 70-100 % As Specified- 01 No.(B) Digital Voltmeter, 0-500 Volts With Selector Switch – 01 No(C) Digital Ammeter 0-500 Amps With Selector Switch And Cts – 01 Set(D) Ryb Indicating Lamps – 01 Set Of Three(E) Automatic Operation On-Load Change Over Switch 415 Volts In Sheet Metal Enclosures 400 Amps, 4 Pole - 01 No.(B) Outgoing :-(A) Mccb, 4 Pole, 200 Amp, 415 Volts, Ac, 50 Hz, 35 Ka As Specified- 01 No.(B) Mccb, 4 Pole, 100 Amp, 415 Volts, Ac, 50 Hz, 25 Ka As Specified- 03 Nos.(C) Mccb, 4 Pole, 63 Amp, 415 Volts, Ac, 50 Hz, 25 Ka As Specified- 02 Nos."
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 07 - Aug - 2019 - '
Location : BIHAR
Ref.No : 10764004
Tender No : 2019_MES_262575_1
Authority Name : Military Engineer Services
Tender Value : Rs. 22.80 Lakh
Closing Date : 22 - Jul - 2019 - '
Location : HARYANA
Ref.No : 10786321
Tender No : 2019_HBC_86608_1
Authority Name : Haryana Board Corporation
Tender Value : Rs. 6.65 Lakh
Closing Date : 22 - Jul - 2019 - '
Location : HARYANA
Ref.No : 10787924
Tender No : 2019_HBC_86612_1
Authority Name : Haryana Board Corporation
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