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Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 25 - Nov - 2020 - '
Location : WEST BENGAL
Ref.No : 8828068
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 22 - Nov - 2020 - '
Location : KARNATAKA
Ref.No : 8762192
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 22 - Nov - 2020 - '
Location : KARNATAKA
Ref.No : 8762192
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 09 - Sep - 2020 - '
Location : KARNATAKA
Ref.No : 8157269
Tender Value : Rs. 12.95 Crore
Closing Date : 11 - Mar - 2020 - '
Location : RAJASTHAN
Ref.No : 12062845
Tender Value : Rs. 55.00 Crore
Closing Date : 04 - Mar - 2020 - '
Location : RAJASTHAN
Ref.No : 12056210
Tender Value : Rs. 17.95 Crore
Closing Date : 26 - Feb - 2020 - '
Location : RAJASTHAN
Ref.No : 12059640
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 25 - Feb - 2020 - '
Ref.No : 12277719
Tender Value : Rs. 94.00 Crore
Closing Date : 25 - Feb - 2020 - '
Location : RAJASTHAN
Ref.No : 12052410
Tender Value : Rs. 9.81 Crore
Closing Date : 19 - Feb - 2020 - '
Location : RAJASTHAN
Ref.No : 12053755
Tender Value : Rs. 15.90 Crore
Closing Date : 18 - Feb - 2020 - '
Location : RAJASTHAN
Ref.No : 12053729
Tender Value : (above) Rs. 1.78 Crore
Closing Date : 17 - Feb - 2020 - '
Location : KARNATAKA
Ref.No : 12172505
Air Hq/81953/122/Rc/Mt/Asv(Q).(Fuel Filter Oil Filter Joint Rubber Outlet Rubber Starter Motor Brushes 3 Phase On Indicator (R,Y,B - 1 Each) Main Input Ct Aux Supply Input Fuses Input Contactor Auto Transformer Aux Rectifier Diode Aux Rectifier Fan Aux Rectifier Snubber Aux Rectifier Shunt Filter Capacitor Bleeder (2E/500W) Auxilliary Rectifier O/P Contactor Auxilliary Rectifier O/P Connector Sfc Diode Sfc Choke Sfc Input Fuse With Base Sfc Input Contactor Sfc Filter Capacitor Sfc O/P Transformer Sfc Output Fuse With Base Sfc O/P Ct Sfc O/P Contactor Sfc O/P Connector Main Dc O/P Bridge Main Dc Bridge Fan Bridge Snubber Main Dc O/P Contactor Main Dc O/P Shunt Power Output Connector Fan On/Off Relay Panel Coolinf Fan Automatic Voltage Regulator Main Dc Output Cable Aux- Dc Output Cable Sfc Output Cable Battery Charger Changeover Contactor Reverse Batt- Contactor Sfc Output Capacitor Sfc Output Volt Set Output Capacitor Current Transformer Current Feedback Rectifier Potential Tx- (Type 3099) Aux Supply On Switch Aux Supply On Lamp Aux O/P On/Off Push Button Aux I/P Control Relay Sfc O/P On/Off Push Button Sfc Control Relay Sfc On Lamp Aux O/P Control Relay Aux Dc O/P On Lamp Aux-On-Battery Lamp Main Dc Aux Relays Main Dc On Lamp Hooter Relay Hooter Aux Relay Microcontroller Card (Spcl -295V1) Isolation Card (Spcl -231) Power Supply Card (Spcl -232) 1Ph Volt Sense Transformer Batt Changeover Switch Batt Changeover Contactor Traction Mode On Lamp Gpu Mode On Lamp Battery Fuse Control Diodes Allied Connector (26 Pin) Male And Female Both Allied Connector (19 Pin) Allied Connector (7 Pin) Battery Reverse Protection Relay Battery Key Head Light Emergency Light Cabin Lamp Sfc Tx- Cooling Fan Timer Rocker Switch With Indication Fuse For Lamps Avm Pad Amp- Meter Low Fuel Alarm Relay Egnition Key For Engine Starting Engine Safety Unit Water Temp-Gauge (Danger Zone Marked Red) Gauge Fuel Level Indicator Gauge Pressure Lubricating Oil (Danger Zone Marked Red) Working Hour Indicator (Time To-Talizer) Speed Control Unit Revolution Meter Cold Start Push Button Engine Alternator Battery For Controller And Engine Starting Inverter Fuse For Controls Electrical Vehicle Voltmeter For Ev Contactor Relays Input Capacitor (4700Uf/250V) Igbt Module (Half Bridge) (300A/600V) Snnuber Capacitor Interconnection Pcb (Spcl -155) Driver Card Mounting Pcb (Spcl -400) Fan Fail Pcb (Spcl -221) On/Off Switch Ntc Power Supply Pcb Assembled (Spcl -223V2) Inverter Pcb Assembled (Spcl -94) Driver Pcb Assembled (Spcl -234V1) Fan Heat Sink Insulator Input Capacitor (4700Uf/350V) Igbt Module (Half Bridge) (200A/600V) Filter Choke Output Capacitor Current Transformer Current Feedback Rectifier (Pt -01) Potential Tx- Power Supply Pcb (Spcl -223) Inverter Pcb (Spcl -94) Driver Pcb (Spcl -216) Fan Aluminium Sheet Copper Sheet Bakellite Sheet Perforated Sheet Temp- Sensor (Spcl -221) Sfc Diode Sfc Input Fuse With Base Sfc Input Contactor Sfc Output Choke Sfc O/P Fuse With Base Sfc Output Ct Sfc O/P Contactor Sfc O/P Contactor Nato Sfc Output Cable Rubber Cable 2Core Sfc Tx- Coling Fan Sfc Output Capacitor Sfc Output Volt Set Output Capacitor Current Transformer Current Feedback Rectifier Potential Tx- (Type 3099) Terminal Board Exciter Stator Exciter Rotor Coupling Disc Set Alternator Main Bearing Charging Alternator Mounting Bracket Charging Alternator Belt Tension Adjustment Lever Reflecting Sticker For Statcon Gpu Oil Filling Cap Automatic Volatge Regulator - Avr Solid Tyre With Rim(16"X4") Solid Tyre With Rim And Hub(16"X4") Brake Drum Brake Pallet Dip Stick Diesel Drain Plug Front Acrylic Door Hand Brake Assembly Hand Brake Roller Hand Brake Cable Brake Junction Assembly Brake Shoe Brake Pin (Fixed) Tow Bar Assembly Brake Pin (Revolving) Exhaust Silencer Mounting Bracket Anti Vibration Mount 'A' Type Starter Motor Cover Diesel Tank Assembly Fire Extinguisher Dcp 1 Kg Turn Table Taper Roller Bearing 30206 And 32206- Bearing Hub Bolt (1 X 5) Taper Roller Bearing 501349 Kamani Diesel Tank Mounting Clamp Suction Strainer Silencer Output Pipe Clamp Silencer Output Pipe Flexible Ss Bellow Pipe Output Bend Pipe Battery Tray Pvc Engine Hot Air Duct Cooling Air Inlet Cooling Duct Rear View Mirror, Side Mirror, Front Side Glass Wiper Catrin Fan Head Light Door Lock Key Pad Lcd Stearing Gear Assly- Brake Foor Padel Desh Board Bus Bar Support Flat Cable 1-25Mtr- 26 Pin Battery Loop Cable Glass Fuse Dc 3 Pin Nato Socket Dc 3 Pin Nato Socket Cap 3 Pin Socket For 1 Phase Monoblock C'case Assly- W/O Oil Spray Nozzle Cylinder Head Assly Crank Shaft Assly With Balance Weight And Gear Camshaft And Gear Assly Connecting Rod Assembly With Se Bush Main Bearing Set Thrust Washer Set Piston Assembly -Complete R1040na (Cmver Stage-Ii) Piston Ring Set (Suitable For Wt) Cylinder Liner With 'Joint' Ring- O Ring (For Cyl-Liner) O Ring For Cylinder Liner (Viton Material) Thrust Washer For Cam Shaft Gasket(For Cyl-Head)-1-1 Mm Thk- Valve Pair Valve Seat Insert (Inlet)(Semifinish) Valve Seat Insert (Exhaust) Valve Guide ( Semi-Finish) Oil Seal (65X85x13)(Cr Make) - Ge Push Rod (Welded) Valve Tappet Adaptor (For Tachodrive) Cup For Spring Crank Pulley (Spa,Two Groove,172 Pcd) Damper ( For Applications At 1800 Rpm And Above ) V Belt Cogged (Bx-48) Fan Pulley--140 Pcd,B Section (2 Grooves) Rocker Shaft Assly- (Complete) Breather Pipe Hose For Breather Pipe (32Mm I-D-) Oil Filling Body Cap Assly - Oil Filling Body V Belt Xpa 1280 Crank Shaft Gear (Finish/) Intermediate Gear Support Retaining Plate (For Int-Gear) Assly Of Intermediate Gear And Bush Thrust Washer Injector With Dlla--S Nozzle ( F 002 C7z 608 ) Cmvr Stage-Ii Leak Off Pipe Sub Assly- H-P- Pipe--Complete Set 1-1 Ltr Duel Fuel Filter W/O Overflow Valve (Mico No - F2 002 H20 114 ) Fuel Filter Element Pre Fuel Filter Element Fuel Pipe (Fuel Filter To Fuel Pump) Fuel Pipe (Feed Pump To Fuel Filter O Ring For Nozzle Bush For Injector Water Separator ( 9 450 030 205 ) Mud Collector - Filter Delivery Body(Finish) Delivery Tube O Ring(For Delivery Tube) Lub Oil Pump Assly- Sub-Assly-Of L-O-Pump Int-Gear And Bush- Shaft For Lub Oil Pump ( Intermediate Gear) Hard Washer ( For Int- Gear) Header (For Lub Oil Cooler And Spinon Filter) Adaptor For Spin On Filter Spin On Filter For Lubricating Oil Adaptor For Centrifugal Lub Oil Filter Centrifuge Filter Dipstick Assly O Ring - Dipstick (2X5,21515 Or 21511) L-O-Supply Hose - For Fip Thermostat Housing M14 Tap Both Sides Thermostat Element(74 Deg) - Wtil No-Dev358 Thermostat Bypass Hose W-P-Assly-With Del-Volute (282-5 Crs) (Tbk Make) Water Pump Pulley Spa Section (120 Pcd) Pipe Thermostat To Radiator Pipe (Radiator To Pump Inlet) Hose ( Radiator To Water Pump Pipe (45X45x130l) Hose (Pipe To Water Pump) (45X45x80l) Spacer For Fan (15 Mm ) Radiator Fan (24" Pusher) Radiator Assembly ( 6R1080t - 100Kva) Air Inlet Manifold(Ci) Air Cleaner Assembly(8M3 Industrial) Safety Element (Kkfl No-Kfa-02-1-7048) Primary Element (Kkfl Make, Kfa-02-1-7047 For Kfa-36-1-7042) Restriction Indicator - 20"W-G- Pre Cleaner Assly-(Bsk 805B) Exhaust Manifold (Finish) Exhaust Manifold K26 Turbo (Finish) Adaptor For Exhaust Silencer Exhaust Silencer (Ha494tc/Ha694tc) Rain Cap Assly Flywheel Housing (Sae3) Flang For Starter 13 Total And 6 Mm Effective Width Flywheel Assly Starter Ring 121 Teeth, 3-175 Module Alt-(Mico,12V55a)9 120 030 387 Mico Starter 12Vdc 2-7Kw Suitable For - 20 Deg- Engine Mounting Foot (G-E-) Engine Mounting Foot (F-W-E-) Anti Vibration Mounts(Polybond:Po 312) Flexible Pipe For L-O-P-Gauge 2-5 M Long Accelerator Lever Pull Type (37 Mm) Stop Lever (Harvestor) Holder For Vsc Inner Cable - Stop Lever Pin (Bar) - Stop Lever Vent Pipe For Radiator Hose For Water Pipe Lub Oil Pressure Gauge (0-10 Kg/Sq Cm) Elec-Water Temp-Gauge With Sensor 12V Off/On/Start Switch(Minda Sw 158 N) 8-30V Charging Solide State Lamp,183 Ma Constant Current Source Rpm Indicator With Built In Regulator (Pricol Make) As Per Sae J1810, 12 / 24V Bracket For Rpm Meter (Fitted On Body) Electronic Hour Meter 12 V Turbo Charger Oil Cooler Lub)
Tender Value : Rs. 15.00 Lakh
Closing Date : 12 - Feb - 2020 - '
Location : DELHI
Ref.No : 12222607
Tender Value : (above) Rs. 1.98 Crore
Closing Date : 12 - Feb - 2020 - '
Location : RAJASTHAN
Ref.No : 12061357
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 11 - Feb - 2020 - '
Ref.No : 12288972
Tender Value : Rs. 30.30 Crore
Closing Date : 11 - Feb - 2020 - '
Location : RAJASTHAN
Ref.No : 12062938
Tender Value : Refer Document
Closing Date : 07 - Feb - 2020 - '
Location : GUJARAT
Ref.No : 12243615
Tender Value : Rs. 26.00 Lakh
Closing Date : 06 - Feb - 2020 - '
Location : RAJASTHAN
Ref.No : 12052958
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